GTI Guarisco in the world of Shipping with passion since 1979

GTI Guarisco is part of the largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders: we cover 193 countries with almost 10,000 associated offices around the world.

We care about your shipments as much as you do

Along with our 24/7private police connection and CCTV system, supported by trustworthy people, we provide high security which lets GTI handle high value shipments.

With our ALL RISK insurance policy and our civil liability cover, your peace of mind is assured

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ITALY: GTI Guarisco
Via dei Pradei, 3, 22070 Grandate CO Phone +39 031 566111

SWITZERLAND: Transexpress SA
Via Passeggiata 24 – 6828  Balerna Svizzera Phone: +41 91 682 21 61

MON Customs: 8-19 – Warehouse: 08-12  14-18
TUE Customs: 8-19 – Warehouse: 08-12  14-18
WED Customs: 8-19 – Warehouse: 08-12  14-18
THU Customs: 8-19 – Warehouse: 08-12  14-18
FRI Customs: 8-19 – Warehouse: 08-12  14-18
SAT Customs: 8-12 – Warehouse: closed
SUN Close

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