International air charter services

We specialize in arranging time-critical air charters, where alternative transport and logistics solutions are not available.

We will select the appropriate aircraft, according to the specification of your freight, ensuring it fits your precise needs and requirements. We can charter any type of aircraft, from a Cessna or helicopter for a small load through to a larger aircraft for outsized freight, including the Antonov 225!

On board courier services

GTI  offers a worldwide on board courier service (OBC)/hand carry courier service for the global transportation of packages or confidential documents, which are small, of high-value, and extremely urgent. Our experienced couriers accompany your consignment door-to-door, on the next flight out.

We can take care of the packaging and customs clearance ensuring a smooth door-to-door service, giving you complete peace of mind.

With Next Flight Out

With our expedited shipping solutions, you get both speed and security. Our long-standing partnerships with all major airlines around the world give you access to the most optimal routes. This ensures that your packages are placed on the next available flight without delay, and that they also receive Cold Chain and specialized handling as needed.

Customs Brokerage

We provide in house customs brokerage 24/7 with the “direct representation”. We provide:

  • Customs documentation
  • Tariff Classification/ITV and Duty/VAT Rates
  • Valuation
  • Refunds/Drawbacks
  • Special Permits
  • Temporary import/export procedures
  • Tariff quota control and booking
  • Health certificates
  • Customs representation

Road express services:

We offer vans, trucks or trailers, with one or more drivers, depending on your needs. Our specialist staff analyze your requirements in detail and respond in real time assuring swift, exclusive service, created especially for you! Our mission is to reach the agreed destination by the agreed time and using personalized choices, without forgetting security and quality.

Satellite connection allows us to monitor the position of your shipment at any time.

Project, Break Bulk and Special Movements

Large shipments are not a problem: we handle project and break-bulk cargo which is a specialized field of freight forwarding that requires immense expertise, experience and knowledge. Project Cargo may require movement of cargo through ocean, air, road and rail from a manufacturing place to an installation site under time bound schedule requiring management through an array of infrastructures and regulatory bodies.

All Breakbulk (BB) or Heavy-Lift (HL) shipments use a multimodal transport solution with a combination of land, sea and air using Breakbulk, RORO and/or Container vessels, Barges, Railroads, Trucks and Aircrafts. Virtually all Project Cargo shipments are considered Out of Gauge (OOG); therefore, we will analyze your options for transport of the cargo depending on the various sizes and weights of each piece. In Project Cargo shipments, safety is a critical factor to ensure a smooth end-to-end solution.

We have relationships with worldwide Breakbulk, RORO and Container carriers and offer full or partial charters, liner Breakbulk.